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“Ray Golden is a singer who has a voice that is smooth and clear, and a style that projects a sensitive appreciation of love and life.”  Ron Iafornaro Preferred Records.

Ray grew up in a small town south of Pittsburgh, PA.  He began singing gospel on the radio and performing at the young age of 6. By the time he turned 16, he would sneak into clubs and perform with jazz bands, as he would rather spend his time singing, than eating pizza or burgers!  Ray performed live on Pittsburgh’s Channel 4 (AM Pittsburgh) with Joe Negri, and headlined at the Holiday House to sold out audiences.  


Ray was adamant about getting a top producer in Nashville to work on his music, and after hearing “Too Cold At Home “ by Mark Chestnut, he decided to enlist Mark Wright to produce his next songs. At that time, Wright commented that he looked like he belonged in Vegas, dripping in talent!

Ray’s name appeared in Star Magazine, with Robin Leach comparing him to the legendary Elvis Presley and describing him as a new entertainer on his way up.  


Ray was chosen out of many artists to open for Barbara Mandrell, when she was named entertainer of the year. When he asked Ms. Mandrell how to get to the top, She replied: “Never take NO for an answer”.


He appeared on “You Can Be A Star” and preformed on stage at the Grand Old Opry, receiving top scores from the judges. His first single charted on Billboard; receiving marvelous reviews from listeners.


With investors taking an interest in his music, Ray released “The Golden Touch,” which is still available.

When the King of Country, George Jones passed away, Ray performed at the unveiling of his monument at Woodlawn Cemetery.  


He continued to produce music for several years, before reinventing himself as a solo artist. His style reflects the vocals of legendary acts such as Englebert and Elvis, among others. His forte is easy listening, as a strong ballad singer with a touch of country. 


Recently, Ray has completed two new albums. His first release “Embracing You” will feature a new video, “Without You”. His second release, “Stronger Than Love,” will also feature a new video, “You Don’t Know Me”.


Ray Golden is a gentleman to remember; an unforgettable force that will captivate you with his talent.


Ray Golden is currently performing a Vegas type show with showgirls , brass, and orchestra , or could be scaled down to accommodate any venue.

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